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Services provided by ProCO2.

Our Services - ProCO2

Carbonation System Installation

Pro CO2 is a specialist in Carbonation System installations. We will come to your place of business and install your Bulk CO2 system for you. We will make sure that the system is system is set-up properly and is functioning the way it should.

BevTech 5000

BevTech 5000

*Prevents CO2 loss into the environment.
*Reduces waste costs compared to other high or
low pressure alternatives.
*Saves on labor costs by reducing the need of staff
to replace cylinders.
*Your staff will no longer need to carry heavy cylinders
to and from different locations.

Basically it :
1. Is better for the environment
2. Reduces waste.
3. Reduces Injuries


Beer Blast Dispense System

Beer Blast Dispense System

The BeerBlast™ provides an economical, precise means of supplying mixed beer gas to "push" the beer to the tap within restaurant and pubs establishments. Beer brewers have established recommended Carbon-Dioxide (CO2) and Nitrogen (N2) mixed gas ratios to protect the kegged product quality, eliminating over-foaming or under-carbonation, while increasing the keg life. Precise mixed beer gas lowers operational costs, increases yields/profits, and ultimately provides a higher level of customer satisfaction. This system can also be used for wine or specialty mixed drinks dispensing systems.


Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Delivery

After the initial installation, we will maintain your CO2 by delivering it to your location on a regular basis. The best part about our delivery system is that typically we are re-filling your CO2 from an outside port so that we don't get in the way of your customers or bother your employees.

On-going Service

Not only do we maintain your Carbon Dioxide levels in your bulk system, we will also continue to care for your business by monitoring the system to make sure that everything continues to operate effectively. We know that it is important that you continue to provide your customers with properly carbonated beverages and also maintain your costs. We'll help you do that by regularly inspecting the system to make sure it is operating at peak levels.


Call us today at 701-430-0851.

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